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Our Dating Days

It has been so much fun to reminisce  about our dating days. The first time I saw my beloved was at his baptism. Funny that weekend I was supposed to be away at a youth retreat but the Lord orchestrated a circumstance that didn’t allow me to go . I had written off men by that time but I remember thinking when I saw him up there “that is the KIND of man I am going to marry”. It wasn’t until a few months later that we actually met. Once we met, we were pretty much inseparable.

 James worked at Dell and for the most part I didn’t really see him until the weekends. The odd time I head over to his place on a weeknight after work and he’d cook me garlic chicken and Alfredo noodles. I loved the anticipation of him coming over or making my way over to his mom’s place. I would get all dulled up to see him, something I have recently reinstated in our marriage you can read about that here and here.

We watched a lot of hockey in our dating days (I just wanted to impress him). Isaac and I loved going to James’ baseball games and cheering him on! We don’t watch much hockey because we haven’t had a TV and James and I now cheer on Isaac at his games!

I met James out our church and was drawn to his love and passion for the Lord (that fire, praise the Lord, has not burned out). One of the things we love to do as a new couple was talk about theology. We’d spend hours with other couples grappling over some difficult issues of Scripture. I know it sounds simple but we are simple people. I’d have say that not much has changed, except we have cut out the 2 hour-long phone calls, we still love to spend time with other couples talking about our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One thing that I’m going to work on this summer is going on more dates, like we use too! Not talking on the phone for hours but face to face. I never worried about how tired I was going to be in the morning when I would talk to him on the phone when we were dating. I’d love to recapture that!

Being in seminary we had a little bit of a time and financial restraint to be with others like we wanted to. But the time we have been back home has been amazing! We look forward to being back in Edmonton and getting to know the church there and entertaining again!

I loved thinking about our dating days but I am so blessed to be married. We learned a lot about dating in our relationship and what we’d like (or not like for that matter) for our children. That maybe an entire post in it self. Here are a few photo’s of us when we were dating.

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