I am amazed. Awe struck by the faithfulness and lovingkindness of my Savior. It is only by His grace that I am sitting here typing this post. One year ago last night we landed in Edmonton and became a part the GRBC family.  Looking back on how the Lord pulled everything together to fit into His perfect plan blows my mind. One year ago we landed to smiling faces at the airport that took us to our new home that had been under a secret mission in the days leading up to our arrival, it was fully furnished and everything you could ever need was in our home, complete with transportation.

One year later, those same smiling faces greet us every Sunday as well as the days in between. Behind their sweet faces are passionate hearts on fire for Christ and His glory. Hearts that long to know the Savior and to live according to His Word. I am blessed, encourage, challenged at the love and zeal of our GRBC family. Each one is so precious to us. Words can’t describe how grateful we are for each one of you, how we praise the Lord for your lives and desire for holiness. The Lord shows His love for our family through His church.

We are beyond blessed to be serving under our beloved Senior Pastor Lyle and his wife Joan. Thank you for your amazing example of love. We have much to learn from you and pray for many, many more years in the ministry together.

I have had the blessing of watching James grow in his preaching and have to say there is no ministry that has impacted me greater then the faithful preaching of the one whom I love. It is crazy to me how much our family has grown by what the Lord has taught him. To watch him grab a hold of these precious truths and apply them to his life and family, there is no greater joy. His love for Christ, His Word and pursuit of holiness spur me on when I am weary. So many times I am in situations and reminded of the amazing teaching I received at The Master’s Seminary Wives Discipleship. What a value it has been to me in our first year and  I am so grateful for the leaders that poured into my life. The effects, I am sure, will far reach just our first year. My heart longs for the day we are altogether on our faces before the King.

Isaac had his 8th birthday, 8th! He is such a special young boy. Homeschooling has been so much fun as we see him really starting to grasp truth and ask questions. He is tender and loves and cares for his brother in away I have no yet come across. Caleb keeps me on my toes like no other. He has 10 times the energy Isaac had (which I thought was a lot). When his big blond curls hit my vision they always bring a smile to my face. He is an endless chatterbox which ironically at one point in my life was my name. I think he may be our future preacher. He is all boy and hates being anywhere without his brother. Watching them play everyday is one of my greatest earthly blessings.

It has been one crazy year but one I would not change for anything! There is so much more to say, who knows this may prompt another blog post ;-).

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Resources that have greatly impacted me this year:


Slave by John MacArthur

A Chance to Die the Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael by Elisabeth Elliot

Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper


The New Man’s Mission (Prayer) by Pastor James Coates

An Introduction to Jonathan Edwards  Steve Lawson Resolved 2005

The Use of Your Time  Steve Lawson  Resolved 2005