Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me in continuing my blog. It was such a joy to know that the Lord could use someone like me to encourage other believers. But, it is time to say my goodbye. There are many reasons I am discontinuing the blog. Firstly, I have limited access to a computer. James’ office is in our home and he has the only working computer at the moment. Secondly, because I haven’t had access to the computer, I have tasted and seen my life with minimal contact to my blog and others, what’s the result?  I love it! I have had so much more time to concentrate on my boys, the home, hospitality and even getting into those books I have been wanting to read.

I didn’t realize the time I was spending on the computer looking at other’s blogs and how they did things was actually hindering what I was doing in my own home. I am so excited about the personal contact I have had with others because of limited access to blogs and email. I always thought that the Proverbs 31 woman had more hours in her day but she didn’t, she just didn’t have a computer!

We have entered a new season of our life. A season full of hungry and passionate people for the Word! This fall will be full of dates with my hubby, grade 2 fun, toddler chasing, Sunday school teaching, bible studies, fellowship and woman’s groups. This is my ministry not my blog. Though I really wanted it to be, the Lord has given me other desires, desires I am so excited about! He has answered prayers about the direction of my blog and devotion to Him.

Please don’t let this post discourage you, if you find enjoyment in reading blogs or having time to yourself, I am not condemning you this issue is mine. A weakness the Lord is wanting to build on in my life so He is continually number One in my heart and in our home.

I do plan on doing a family newsletter, so if you are interested please email with your address and I will add you to the list!

May GOD alone be glorified!