Hello Everyone! I have started a new blog, Resolved To Be, if anyone is interested in reading it. I first began California Coates, later to become, Growing In Grace, to document our time in seminary for family and friends and to show what the Lord was teaching us. I always had the thought in my mind that I wanted my blog to be a legacy for my children to read their mom’s heart and the faithfulness of God. Overtime I feel I really lost sight of why I wanted a blog.

My new blog is going to be a little different, more Mary, less Martha. The blog is going to be a reflection of my devotional time with Lord and more of an explanation of His Word. I want to set the expectation, I have no idea how often I will be writing, I will not be writing on controversial issues for the sake of debate. I’d like to write about the time I spend in the morning with the Lord, sermons I am chewing on and prayers to my Father. I was asked the question yesterday who was my target audience for my blog, my answer, The Lord. I enjoy blogging but really want it to be for Him and if He chooses to use it in someone’s life, that is awesome but is not the intent of my blog.

I keep journals that are handwritten and would like the blog to be more of my electronic journal.

I will still use this blog for updates and pics of the boys so don’t fret my American friends!

My new blog: www.resolvedtobe.wordpress.com

For Christ’s glory alone,