I love this challenge! This is something that has been on my mind lately. I have a wonderful Seminary Wives leader that is such a huge example to me. She was speaking on this about 2 years ago and I seriously thought she was nuts. I thought that marriage was about “letting it all hangout”. Who cares if my husband sees me a mess, he’ll still love me. Although that is true, he will still love me. He is also bombarded by women all day long who have gone out of their way to look their best while at work or simply just out and about. Then he comes home to a wife that really couldn’t careless about her appearance in front of her family?

Here is what Sarah Mae says in the link above (don’t forget to link…her website is great!)

I want to conquer the beast of frump, and you know I don’t want to do it alone. Starting Monday, I am challenging you (and myself) to get up and get dressed by 8am – and I don’t just mean jeans and a sweatshirt! Jeans, fine, but put on a nice shirt, some mascara, and for the love, do your hair!

Your husband will love it.

So why is it that everyone else gets the best of me? When I go out to church or simply just out I make sure I am somewhat presentable. So my poor husband, who has never said a word to me about this, gets a frumpy me. At heart, it really is just laziness. I never would have done this while we were dating! So why did I change? I should still be going out of my way to impress him, I love him. I want him to have the best of me inside and out!

So here goes the challenge! If you’d like to join: Add your name and blog to the Linky list so we know who you are!


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