Today is the day! I am excited, scared, sad. When we left for California to attend seminary the goodbyes were emotional of course but it was temporary. We knew we would be returning. When we left California, there was tears but so much joy knowing these we the people we’d be spending eternity with, and a sence of awe that God had such special plans for these men and their sweet families! But some how the goodbyes are different this time, more final.

So that is why I am sad. Why am I scared? I realize the high calling of being in ministry. I realize my complete inadequacy. Handling people lives. Helping (and being helped) them to see who God is, what He expects of us, and what that looks like practically. I am not so scared about the fact that our lives are going to be much like a fish bowl. I am pretty open with people about my life, joys, trials, sin. If you remember please pray for us. Pray that the Lord would keep us from error. That we would rightful handle the Word with much fear.That every day we would honor Him. That He would be glorified with every moment of our lives.

Why am I excited?! Well 7 years ago if you had seen my life (you can read that here)you’d never believe that I would be where I am today. It is not me though. It is completely the love that my Savior has for me and His transforming work and power in my life. I am excited that the Lord could and would use someone like me. I don’t deserve it, I never want to forget what He saved me from and that my life was purchased at such a high price, the price of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’s life. Though I am far from friends and family, I am where the Lord wants me and there is no where I would rather be than where He has placed me. My life is not my own and there is no greater joy then serving my Master and King! I am excited because this is what my husband has worked so hard for over the last 3 years. There is nothing that gives him greater joy than the Word of God. He is amazed that this is his life, to study the Word, there is nothing better! I am excited about what I am going to learn from him! I am so excited about this church and the work the Lord is doing there.

Please again if you remember, please pray for our transition to Edmonton! I will be absent for a while as we get our home up and running, it is my first priority. I will do my best to reconnect to keep everyone updated! Thank you all for your prayers and love. Everyone that came to see us, pray for us, cook dinner for us. We are blessed.

For the glory of Christ alone,