Words of a True Woman

There are few in the Christian Community that have never heard the name Joni Eareckson Tada. A life transformed after a diving accident in 1967 that left her a quadriplegic. Our Mighty Lord has used her in unspeakable ways. I don’t think I have come a cross another women in my life that has suffered physically like Joni.

I wanted to share these words with you that were spoken after Joni’s most recent health findings. Joni has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

“I’ve often said that our afflictions come from the hand of our all-wise and sovereign God, who loves us and wants what is best for us,” Tada said, according to the news release. “So, although cancer is something new, I am content to receive from God whatever He deems fit for me. Yes, it’s alarming, but rest assured that Ken [her husband] and I are utterly convinced that God is going to use this to stretch our faith, brighten our hope and strengthen our witness to others.”

That is a true woman!

I hope if you are struggling today, whether it be big or small that you can find comfort and confidence in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Joni has and will continue to.

Please pray with me for our dear sister.

To see more of how the Lord is using this dear sister around the world visit Joni and Friends



The Theology of Marriage Q & A

It is interesting the controversy surrounding The Summer Marriage Challenge. What is even more interesting are the debates within the Christian Community itself.

I am not the be all and end all of marriage, but I do know the Author and Creator of it and what He has written in His Word. It seems that most of the controversy within the Christian Community, I believe, is based on wrongfully dividing the Word.

Before I write on this topic I’d like to see if people have specific questions in regards to what the Scriptures say about Marriage. I am sure this is going to end up being a series but one I am very excited about!

So ask away and I will do my best to bring you to the Word for your answers!

Submitting to the authority of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


Completing Him~Summer Marriage Challenge

If you missed the post of what the Completing Him Summer Challenge is head on over to visit Courtney of Women Living Well, the creator.

Our Dating Days

It has been so much fun to reminisce  about our dating days. The first time I saw my beloved was at his baptism. Funny that weekend I was supposed to be away at a youth retreat but the Lord orchestrated a circumstance that didn’t allow me to go . I had written off men by that time but I remember thinking when I saw him up there “that is the KIND of man I am going to marry”. It wasn’t until a few months later that we actually met. Once we met, we were pretty much inseparable.

 James worked at Dell and for the most part I didn’t really see him until the weekends. The odd time I head over to his place on a weeknight after work and he’d cook me garlic chicken and Alfredo noodles. I loved the anticipation of him coming over or making my way over to his mom’s place. I would get all dulled up to see him, something I have recently reinstated in our marriage you can read about that here and here.

We watched a lot of hockey in our dating days (I just wanted to impress him). Isaac and I loved going to James’ baseball games and cheering him on! We don’t watch much hockey because we haven’t had a TV and James and I now cheer on Isaac at his games!

I met James out our church and was drawn to his love and passion for the Lord (that fire, praise the Lord, has not burned out). One of the things we love to do as a new couple was talk about theology. We’d spend hours with other couples grappling over some difficult issues of Scripture. I know it sounds simple but we are simple people. I’d have say that not much has changed, except we have cut out the 2 hour-long phone calls, we still love to spend time with other couples talking about our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One thing that I’m going to work on this summer is going on more dates, like we use too! Not talking on the phone for hours but face to face. I never worried about how tired I was going to be in the morning when I would talk to him on the phone when we were dating. I’d love to recapture that!

Being in seminary we had a little bit of a time and financial restraint to be with others like we wanted to. But the time we have been back home has been amazing! We look forward to being back in Edmonton and getting to know the church there and entertaining again!

I loved thinking about our dating days but I am so blessed to be married. We learned a lot about dating in our relationship and what we’d like (or not like for that matter) for our children. That maybe an entire post in it self. Here are a few photo’s of us when we were dating.

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Momentous Monday

Don’t forget to hop on over and visit Tiffany at A Moment Cherished, the creator of Momentous Monday!

First off, I am sorry I am lagging behind in the posts. I will (Lord willing) be able to do a little more being at my parents home and getting to relax a little!

There are so many things that have happened in our lives in the last 2 weeks, I feel like we have just been on a huge wave just enjoying the ride.
Leaving California was harder than I thought it would be. Saying goodbye to my dear friends was so hard, having eternity in view made it so much easier. I will miss them, their love, encouragement and example to me.

As most of you know, James has excepted a Pastorate in Edmonton!! We are so excited about this opportunity. We just love this church!! God is doing big things there, and we are blessed to be called to be a part of it. Before we departed for TO to visit family, we were able to secure a home…a townhouse, we are so blessed!! Our return date is planned for the begining of July. Please pray that there would be no delays.

Ahhh back in Toronto has been fun, not just because Caleb is sleeping better, do to having his own room, though that does help!! We have been visiting friends and family we haven’t seen in a year and a half!! My daddy met us at the airport, I met my sweet little niece for the first time. New baby cousins everywhere are waiting for me to come and steal them, well not really they don’t understand waiting yet.

And last but certainly not least…our baby turned One last Saturday!! What a sweet gift from the Lord. A whole year with our son. Which also got me thinking how blessed we are to have 7 with our other little man! God is good to us, to loan us these sweet babies while He works His plan and purposes in their (and ours) lives. Everyday is a gift, I don’t want to take one minute for granted (though I know I do). I am striving to make the most of every opportunity with my boys.

Caleb’s birthday was pretty funny, well mostly just the cupcake part. We tried to give him his cupcake but when we set it in front of him, he poked it and started to yell and his little eyes watered as he tried to fling it off the tray!

Here are some pics of our stay so far…babies, babies, and more babies please!

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Completing Him Summer Challenge

I love this challenge! Why? Because there is no one on earth that I adore, love, respect, trust and want to please more than my husband. The Lord has blessed me with this man! I pray through this challenge of focusing more on him that he will be just as blessed as I seek to honor the Lord through my marriage. It is easy with the hustle and bustle of life and having little ones too loose that daily focus of purposely loving my husband so I am very excited to be consciously focusing on him all this summer!

I am very selective about the challenges that I join. I want them to overflow and become a habit in my life. I want to glorify the Lord in my pursuit of being the Titus 2/Proverbs 31 Women. I don’t want these challenges to be merely something I do for a week or month and walk away and not think about them again. I know the areas of weakness that I have so I choose them to strengthen my walk and bless my family.

So head on over and check out Courtney at Women Living Well for the details of the challenge and join the ladies desiring to make a difference in their marriages as they seek to love their husbands and honor and glorify the King!

Living for the glory of the Savior

An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. Proverbs 31:10

**As most of you know, we are no longer in California, therefore, we are no longer California Coates! My blog will be having some changes so stay tuned!**

Momentous Monday

(Hop on over and visit Tiffany a A Moment Cherished, the creator of Momentous Monday!)

Well it’s official, we are no longer California Coates, we are back in the Great White North! We landed Friday night and we were greeted by our church family in Edmonton (we are in Edmonton for the second phase of the candidating process).

We are having such a great time here. Our Lord is so abundantly good to us! We are loving our Edmonton brothers and sisters. God is faithful to this church! We are absolutely blown away at the opportunity here, the sheep are so hungry and excitingly soak in the Word! It is so amazing to see hearts that love and live for our LORD! I love when you meet the body of Christ, sit down with them and it is as if you have known them all your life, what a precious gift we have from the Lord in the Church.

James preached two messages yesterday, that you can hear at GRBC. I love to hear my hubby preach…I love it even more that he is my leader and I get to glean from the wisdom the Holy Spirit reveals to him while studying! The passage in John really came alive for me…I learned so much yesterday!

**I should mention that the message in John was taught for the Sunday school class, that’s why there is interaction.**

We also had the opportunity for a question and answer at the potluck given to us last night. The response was so encouraging. I love when people come and share their testimonies with me or what the Lord is doing in their lives…sweet, sweet grace.

Caleb is struggling a bit with everything that is happening but again the Lord is being gracious to us. Isaac is having such a wonderful time with all the boys from GRBC. He still thinks we live in the Hotel but I am sure it will click soon…my funny boy! He is doing amazing with all the change that is happening and he is a true blessing to James and I, which makes this transition a lot easier for us too.

I am not sure how often I will be able to write over the next little while, but I will do my best to update. We are here until next Tuesday then off to see the family. We are very excited about the next chapter, please if you would keep us in your prayers that we would only desire what the Lord has instore for us and that we would not run a head nor lag behind!

For the Masters glory,


Momentous Monday~My Graduate!

My beloved,

There is no one on earth that I love, admire, respect, trust, and adore more than you. I know your godly character and integrity is Christ in you. It is the careful love and molding of our Savior in your life. All praise and glory are His for the man He is making you in to be.

You have blown me away these last 3 years and I stand in awe that the Lord would allow me a husband like you. As I sat and watched you cross that stage, I couldn’t believe the life God has given us. Even in our sin He is so faithful to us. And I pray He allows us many years together, fighting for His truth and living in light of His gospel! May He be glorified as we seek to honor Him in all we do.

Stay faithful to our Savior. Preach the Word in and out of season, bodily but with love, compassion, and integrity. Make no provision for the flesh. Examine yourself, with all humility, do not regard yourself more highly than you ought. May your conscience always be clear before the Lord.

Stay the amazing husband and father you are.

Living as one for the Masters glory,


Hey Dad,

Hows it going? I hope your graduation was great. I hope ministry is great. You are a great dad! You praise the Lord, dad. I love you dad. I hope you have a great time.



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More pics to come!

We are so grateful to all who are praying. We heard from the Edmonton church last week and will be flying up there for the second phase of the candadating process, May 21-June 1. James will be preaching 2 Sunday mornings and teaching 2 adult Sunday School classes. We will keep you updated as we see where the Lord leads us!!