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Well it’s official, we are no longer California Coates, we are back in the Great White North! We landed Friday night and we were greeted by our church family in Edmonton (we are in Edmonton for the second phase of the candidating process).

We are having such a great time here. Our Lord is so abundantly good to us! We are loving our Edmonton brothers and sisters. God is faithful to this church! We are absolutely blown away at the opportunity here, the sheep are so hungry and excitingly soak in the Word! It is so amazing to see hearts that love and live for our LORD! I love when you meet the body of Christ, sit down with them and it is as if you have known them all your life, what a precious gift we have from the Lord in the Church.

James preached two messages yesterday, that you can hear at GRBC. I love to hear my hubby preach…I love it even more that he is my leader and I get to glean from the wisdom the Holy Spirit reveals to him while studying! The passage in John really came alive for me…I learned so much yesterday!

**I should mention that the message in John was taught for the Sunday school class, that’s why there is interaction.**

We also had the opportunity for a question and answer at the potluck given to us last night. The response was so encouraging. I love when people come and share their testimonies with me or what the Lord is doing in their lives…sweet, sweet grace.

Caleb is struggling a bit with everything that is happening but again the Lord is being gracious to us. Isaac is having such a wonderful time with all the boys from GRBC. He still thinks we live in the Hotel but I am sure it will click soon…my funny boy! He is doing amazing with all the change that is happening and he is a true blessing to James and I, which makes this transition a lot easier for us too.

I am not sure how often I will be able to write over the next little while, but I will do my best to update. We are here until next Tuesday then off to see the family. We are very excited about the next chapter, please if you would keep us in your prayers that we would only desire what the Lord has instore for us and that we would not run a head nor lag behind!

For the Masters glory,