My beloved,

There is no one on earth that I love, admire, respect, trust, and adore more than you. I know your godly character and integrity is Christ in you. It is the careful love and molding of our Savior in your life. All praise and glory are His for the man He is making you in to be.

You have blown me away these last 3 years and I stand in awe that the Lord would allow me a husband like you. As I sat and watched you cross that stage, I couldn’t believe the life God has given us. Even in our sin He is so faithful to us. And I pray He allows us many years together, fighting for His truth and living in light of His gospel! May He be glorified as we seek to honor Him in all we do.

Stay faithful to our Savior. Preach the Word in and out of season, bodily but with love, compassion, and integrity. Make no provision for the flesh. Examine yourself, with all humility, do not regard yourself more highly than you ought. May your conscience always be clear before the Lord.

Stay the amazing husband and father you are.

Living as one for the Masters glory,


Hey Dad,

Hows it going? I hope your graduation was great. I hope ministry is great. You are a great dad! You praise the Lord, dad. I love you dad. I hope you have a great time.



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More pics to come!

We are so grateful to all who are praying. We heard from the Edmonton church last week and will be flying up there for the second phase of the candadating process, May 21-June 1. James will be preaching 2 Sunday mornings and teaching 2 adult Sunday School classes. We will keep you updated as we see where the Lord leads us!!