I believe that being a Proverbs 31 women includes being physically fit. Now don’t get me wrong, hours of drudgery in the gym isn’t what I am speaking about! I believe that we need to be physically fit to meet the rigorous work we do to maintain a well run home. It is much easier when we are toned and fit to fulfill the demands of our life.

She girds herself with strength, and makes her arms strong. ~Proverbs 31:17

I know, I know, who has time to workout!? Any extra time I have I want to be training my mind for godliness…my outer man is decaying anyways! It’s kind of a catch 22 isn’t it? You don’t have the energy (or even the time) to workout but if you don’t workout you won’t be maximizing your energy. We also have to be careful with the obsession of the gym (if we choose that root) and our body image. So you might want to pray and keep your motives in check. What is your goal? To be pleasing to the Lord in keeping a well run home and having energy at the end of the day to give to your hubby or read a book? Or is it looking good (not that that is bad…we want our hubby’s to be happy too 😉 ) or is it to attract attention? Whatever it may be our goal is always to be doing this for the glory of God!

bodily exercise profits little, but godliness is profitable for all things. 1 Peter 3:3-6

I was a competitive gymnast for almost 10 years of my life. Following that I was a personal trainer. I spent endless hours in the gym beating my body…if only I beat my mind in the word and in prayer as hard as I did my body in the gym. I want to encourage godliness and taking those few extra minutes in the word and in prayer whenever we can get them. We should be more concerned with our charcter without neglecting our bodies.

So I thought I would share some little tidbits that I do to keep more on the fit side. These have more or less become habit for me, some I am looking to work at a little harder! But if you can adapt one of these every 1-2 weeks they should become a habit for you.

First of all, water! Lots and lots of water, especially if your nursing! Also, I don’t believe in diets, I’ve tried them, they don’t work for me. I love food! I believe in a balanced diet, with proper portions. Right now I have thrown that out the window because I am still nursing, so I pretty much grab whatever I can get my little hands on so I don’t pass out!

I believe that your core muscles are the first and most important muscles you should work at. Your core stabilizes everything you do and will make you more physically powerful. Your posture right now should tell you a little bit about how strong your core is. So the exercises are really quite simple:

1. Suck in that gut! When you walk, when you drive, when your sitting at the computer, pull your tummy in. At first it is a little hard, it is easy to forget. But because I have been doing it for so many years, I don’t even realize I do it now. When you pull in your tummy if you feel your waist you are actually engaging the muscles in your sides and in your back.

2. BREATHE! Most of us don’t breathe properly. We don’t exhale to the fullest. Do it with me, breathe in and breathe out but when you breathe out, engage your stomach muscles and tighten them. Don’t do this exercise all day, you may actually pass out. Do it while you read, while you are stopped at red lights, while your ah hem in the ladies room. This works hand in hand with #1.

3. Squats and lunges. Yep I said it, I know these are a little harder but trust me your husband will thank me. What do you do when you brush your teeth? Nothing you say? Well here you go! Squats! These exercises you’re going to want to alternate. Whether it is one night squats next night lunges or one week squats next week lunges.

4. Shoulder squeezes, these are so simple yet so beneficial. Is your chest caving in? Is a hump forming in your back? I noticed that after I had Caleb because of the weight of pregnancy and nursing that I started to cave. So what you do is, squeeze your your shoulder blades together hold for a couple seconds release and repeat. That’s it!

5. Here is one just for fun. Did you join the 5’Oclock club? Yes. Good! Are you having trouble getting up in the morning? If so roll out of your bed and do some sit-ups or push-ups, that will get the blood flowing and wake you up enough to get to the coffee pot!

6. Go for a walk, even if it is only for 20 mins try at first for 2 a week and add a day every week until you have established your goal. If your a runner more power to you, I never saw the point in running if I could walk. If you are a homeschooling mommy, you need to get your kids out for exercise, this is the perfect one.

That’s it! Don’t try to do these all at once. You most likely will be setting yourself up for failure if you do. Try one for 1-2 weeks until you have it down and then add another and so on.

If you need me to elaborate on any of these exercises or if you want more of a challenge feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you out.