I just finished this book! I am so super excited. This is hands down the best book on marriage I have read. I highly recommend it.

Dave Harvey covers everything from the theology of marriage, to forgiveness, grace, mercy, exhortation (giving and receiving), intimacy, to what does that look like practically. How does that play out in living daily in light of the gospel? Here is what Paul David Tripp had to say in the forward:

“What do all of us do in our marriages in some way? We tend to deny our sin (while pointing out the sin of the other). By denying our sin, we devalue grace.”

“This book reminded me once again of some very important things. It reminded me that I am my biggest marital problem (hard to except but biblically true). It reminded me, in ways that are very practical, that Jesus is the only solution. It encouraged me to remember that grace makes new beginnings possible. And it challenged me to live like I really believe I can be a tool of Gods grace in Luella’s life.”

This book really challenged me. It challenged me to self examine my ways and to help me to see that I am the foremost of sinners in my marriage. I needed to stop (and still need help) looking at the speck in my husbands eye and focus on the log in my own eye. When dealing with our sin we see the love and grace that our Savior lavishes on us. It’s why He came, it’s why He died, and why He lives again! This brings such joy! It renewed my vision for my marriage. Yes I knew that I wanted my marriage to honor the Lord but what does that look like practically, had I really sat down and thought about why I married the most wonderful man in the world? Well if you want to know…read the book!

If you are looking for an amazing study to do with your spouse…here it is! Dave Harvey also has a study guide to go with it.

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Matthew 19:6

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