What a gift we have in our husbands. In my opinion there is no greater gift we can give our husbands then praying for them daily. No greater love we can show them but by petitioning our Savior on their behalf. These prayers are merely outlines that I use to pray for James (thanks Missy). I have chosen the morning time to pray for James. Every Monday though I am praying the same outline the prayers are always different. I reflect on the day before and also go to the text to pray for him as well. I hope this helps. Any tips that have worked for you in prayer I would love to hear!!

I pray that we would never tire in petitioning the Lord for our husbands that it would always be a great joy and not taken for granted, or thought of as a duty.

1. To take every thought captive, to not be conformed to the world’s thinking, but to think Scripturally. (Romans 12:1,2; 2 Cor. 10:5)

2. That he would not depend on things, people, or circumstances for happiness, but would depend on God alone- consistently feeding upon God’s Word to nourish his soul. 9Jer. 15:16; Hab 3:17-19

A man is what he is on his knees before God, and nothing more.~ Robert Murray M’Cheyne