I am so blessed. I have the most wonderful godly, Titus 2 women surrounding me. At Seminary Wives a couple of weeks ago my leader from last year spoke on “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Although it is directed to ministry wives, it is very much applicable to all wives.

I know this is an area that the Lord is wanting to grow me in. I had written a post a little while ago on Devoting Yourselves to Prayer and how I am beginning my intentional prayer life. Well with all the changes going on in my life, The 5 O’Clock club, The Getting Dressed Challenge, the Lord knew I needed something practical to implement in my prayer life to keep me going.

What Has Helped Me:

You see I have a problem in prayer, my mind wanders, to every little thing I could possibly think of. It is sad but true. Missy gave out a handout with her lecture that had us praying something everyday for our husbands, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see the fruit of being earnest in praying these prayers!!

It wasn’t just the sheet that helped me, I also have a prayer journal. I write my prayers out. Yes this does take longer but I figure better a short, fully devoted time in prayer than shallow prayers intertwined with useless thoughts. God deserves so much more than that. I have my prayer journal written in different ways. Some days I will just write down a list of people or things to pray for and on the other side write “answered prayers”. I have also found that praying Scripture has helped me persevere and if my mind wanders then I immediately go back to the text.

I also love writing out my prayers because one day my boys (Lord Willing) will read it and be able to see my heart, and what were my joys, my trials and the faithfulness of my Savior to answer all my prayers.

What has also helped me is having designated area’s in the home where I pray for different people. Example: Morning Bathroom time is praying for the salvation of unsaved family, using the vanity or cleaning the vanity 2 different people, doing the dishes 2 different people and so on. This has helped me set my mind on the things above and helped me in my quest to pray without ceasing!

Starting on Monday I will be posting “Praying Daily for our Husbands” (adapted from Making a difference in Ministry by Betty Morgan). Each day will have something new to pray for them! Will you join me in making a difference in our husbands life?

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