Yes I did it! I joined the 5 O’clock Club! What is that you say? Well this was a challenge that the Girl Talk blog put out. It was a 28 day challenge for the month of February but you are still able to join the club. For details check here For more blog entries and testimonials check here The club is focused on rising early to spend time with the Lord. In my pursuit of a deeper prayer and devotional life, I thought it would be great to have some accountability. Here is the email I received after joining:

Welcome to the 5 O’Clock Club!

We’re so excited you’ve decided to get up early to meet with God! Here are a few suggestions for successful participation in the 5 O’Clock Club. It’s Mom’s super-secret-six-point strategy for waking up early, and her sleep-loving children can testify that it works:

1. Place your alarm clock in a strategic location, preferably on the other side of the room from your bed.
2. Set your alarm for the same time every day.
3. Never, never, never hit the snooze button or lie back down to catch a few more winks. The second your alarm goes off is the most critical moment in getting up early.
4. Proceed directly to the coffee pot or caffeinated drink of choice.
5. Be prepared to feel absolutely miserable for about ten to fifteen minutes. But the misery soon turns into pure gladness as you experience the delight of meeting with God and reap the benefits the rest of the day. Fifteen minutes of misery is certainly worth fifteen-plus hours of peace and productivity.
6. Keep in mind that our bodies eventually respond to a standard wake-up time. In other words, it gets easier.

We hope these tips serve you. But remember: our hope is not in a strategy but in our Savior.

Only by abiding in Jesus can we bear fruit. Apart from Him we can do nothing. (John 15:4-5) And He is eager to help us. He has given us power to grow and change. Therefore we must look to Him and depend upon His divine power. (2 Peter 1:3-8)

On our good days and on our bad days we must always rest in the performance of Jesus Christ on our behalf. As B.B. Warfield says:

“There is nothing in us or done by us, at any stage of our earthly development, because of which we are acceptable to God. We must always be accepted for Christ’s sake, or we cannot be accepted at all. This is not true of only when we believe. It is just as true after we have believed. It will continue to be true as long as we live…. It is always on His ‘blood and righteousness’ alone that we can rest.”

May God give you much grace to rise early and seek Him!

I love how they aren’t legalistic about the time either. My ideal time would be about 5:30 am. The boys rise at 7 am. Now my sweet little angel has been waking at around 4-4:30am to feed (praise the Lord he has gotten so much better!) I have been having some trouble getting back to sleep at that time but will actually lay in bed until I fall back asleep and then end up waking with the boys…this is not good…and I actually feel worse than I did at 4:30 am. I know it is all mental, I am thinking that it is just crazy to be up at that time so I want to just sleep for another hour or so, but it never works. So I am giving up!!

I would love it if you contact me if you decide to join, we can have some fun together working on number 1 of:

7 Habits of the Highly Effective Woman:
1. She rises early
2. She maintains the spiritual disciplines
3. She focuses on relational priorities for every season
4. She sets up regular times for planning
5. She develops an effective to-do list system and calendar/planner system
6. She establishes an efficient routine for managing her home
7. She organizes her house systematically

So, do you want to join our crazy club? Try it for a week, and if it doesn’t work for you, well, at least there wasn’t a membership fee.

Make sure you sign up below!


She rises also while it is still night Proverbs 31:15a

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