Many mommies have asked me how I keep my home. Am I scheduled? Do I wing it? How do I balance homeschool with a new baby and housework? I by no means have arrived in this area but I came across a book that has been a lifesaver to me. It is called Managers of Their Homes by Steve and Teri Maxwell.

This book has done wonders in organizing my life and home. Though I do struggle with falling off course sometimes, my goal is to have this schedule running no matter if I am home or absent.

From the website:
A homeschool mother’s greatest challenge may be “getting it all done.” Managers of Their Homes offers solutions! Responses by families who have read Managers of Their Homes and utilized the Scheduling Kit indicate the almost unbelievable improvements they have realized. Step-by-step instructions and a unique Scheduling Kit make setting up a daily schedule easily achievable for any homeschooling family.

One mom shared with us: “People have told me for years that I need a schedule, but every time I tried I couldn’t get one to work. I always had problems fitting everything that needed to be done into one day. With your system, I am actually accomplishing more, and I have more time left over! The key to it is the great worksheets. They are invaluable.”

Who wouldn’t like to accomplish more and have time left over?
How does one schedule school time? What about schooling with babies and toddlers? Are you struggling with keeping up in areas such as laundry, dishes, or housekeeping? Does it seem like there is no time for you in the day? Are you missing special time with your children? Do you feel stressed over the busyness of your days or not accomplishing all you want? Are your children doing what you want them to do each day? It doesn’t matter whether you have one child or twelve, this book will help you to plan your daily schedule.

Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families sets a firm biblical foundation for scheduling, in addition to discussing scheduling’s numerous benefits. Chapter after chapter is filled with practical suggestions for efficient, workable ways to schedule a homeschooling family’s days. Thirty real-life schedules in the Appendix give valuable insight into creating a personalized schedule. Also included is a special chapter by Steve for homeschool dads.

Gain new hope from MOTH (Managers of Their Homes) from moms who have applied these methods. They have moved from chaos, stress, and disorganization to peace, contentment, and productivity. You can as well!

The book was tested by 24 homeschool families, who read a pre-release version of the book and implemented a schedule in their homes. The results were astounding–far surpassing even what we were expecting! Throughout the entire book (8.5 x 11 inches; 174 pages) these “test moms” comments are featured in sidebars. As you journey through the book, learning how to manage your time, you’ll enjoy being able to read the comments and experiences of these moms as they progressed through the book, making and implementing their schedules.

I must say that I get more done in just one morning of sticking to the schedule than I do in one week! They cover so many areas in this book. They answer questions about hyper schedules, pitfalls to avoid, the benefits to implementing the schedule slowly, how to’s for setting up the schedule, sample schedules and so much more. This book was directed to larger families but I have reaped the benefits even with just having one child. Even if you aren’t a homeschooling mom, I would still highly recommend this book in our growing to be Titus 2 Women!

I am currently working on Managers of Their Chores: A Practical Guide to Children’s Chores. It is a book expounding on one of the chapters in MOTH. I will write on this once we have implemented the chores for Isaac.

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