I don’t usually do things like this but I wanted to share this giveaway. Not because I want to win a free diaper…though it would be a gift from the Lord! I wanted to share it because I love what this mom is doing. Not only is she a sister-in-Christ but she has a heart for missions. Envibum cloth diapers supports Food for the Hungry and $2 from every Envibum purchase will go to that organization. She also has a Envipink that for every one purchased will give $2 to a breast cancer research organization. And a limited addition Salvation Army diaper and $2 from every purchase will go to Haiti relief. But this one is my favorite: The mom2mom Cover

When you purchase a mom4mom cover, you are purchasing one for another mom and baby in need!
Hence the name, mom4mom, because you are being connected with another mom somewhere in the world. A friend of envibum’s was on a short term mission trip to Peru, where she witnessed moms reusing a soiled disposable diaper as a diaper cover. The moms would buy a box of disposable diapers together and would split them up so that each mom would have 3-4 each. They would make those last for months! Where we would see this as unthinkable because of odor, uncleanliness, and lack of sanitation; this is their only option.

In Fiji we recently met young moms in need, who have just escaped the sex trade industry. We were blessed to give them our mom4mom covers, and they explained their only other option was to keep re-buying plastic diaper covers that lasted only a week.

There are also many moms and babies, right here in our community in need. While there are many organizations that struggle to find a way to help moms meet other needs of daily life, we feel that we, as moms, can partner together to meet their diapering needs.

These will Lord willing be the diapers we purchase for our next blessing. The mom2mom covers go with a t-shaped liner kind of like a prefold idea only smarter! And it is extremely economical!! I would like to try one or a couple for Caleb when he moves up a size.

I am really excited about this business and look forward to seeing how the Lord blesses it. To enter the giveaway visit Passionate Homemaking. And if you don’t visit Passionate Homemaking often you should, God has given Lindsay such a wonderful ministry through her blog and she has amazing homemaking tips and so much more! Click here to see Lindsay’s review of the Envibum