God never ceases to use Rick Holland to stab my heart to love Him more and more. One day I pray I will be able to make it to a Resolved but for now, praise the Lord for technology!

Here is some quotes from the video that were worth writing out, mostly for my self by I hope you can be encouraged by them!

“There should be nothing more interesting to a Christian than Jesus… In some measure what we are trying to do is regain that world view that is dominated by a massively holy and wonderful loving and condescending God. I think what is troubling is it is easy for all of us to begin thinking of salvation in terms of Christianity and not Christ a religion and not God. I get forgiveness I get redemption I get heaven. No you get a Savior you get a forgiver you get a redeemer you get a friend you get someone to worship you have a relationship with God in Christ and the center of the gospel is not just a plan and not just a story but a Savior who loves us and died for us and continues to care for us.” ~Rick Holland~