Wow! I didn’t think I would be writing this already! Our final semester at The Master’s Seminary has begun. There are so many emotions that go along with that statement. Anticipation, waiting to see where and if the Lord has us in a pastoral position. Joy, seeing all the work the Lord has done in our hearts and family over the last 3 years. Relief, that I won’t have to see my beloved husband up to all hours of the night writing papers then off to school in the wee hours of the morning. Sadness, because we have to say goodbye to our Grace/Master’s family and friends (we love you Steinys!!). Scared, because you really start to see all the ways you are inadequate for ministry and everything else…ahhh sweet grace! And excited to see our families that have been so wonderfully supportive of us here in Cali…seeing my sweet Maddy’s face for the first time!!

There are a few different options that we are looking at in regards to ministry but nothing set in stone yet. We’d appreciate prayers in this area. Some other area’s we’d also appreciate prayer in is James finishing his last semester and a busy one it is too. With packing and getting ready to leave it is going to seem like a lot more work, please pray that I can do all that I can to help lift that burden so James can focus on his studies and providing for our family. Please also pray that we would live out our theology, we potentially could face a court case in coming home in dealing with travel/living restrictions and custody of Isaac. This in a way is a huge blessing because the courts could put a restriction on where we could go for ministry which means our decisions are already made for us and we know it is the Lord that sways the hearts of kings and judges! Going home can mean anxiety for us and we have learned and continue to learn so much in regards to God’s sovereignty and perfect plan for all of us please pray that we would depend and trust in only Him!

During the last semester here at TMS, the wives of my group are studying When Sinners Say “I do” by Dave Harvey and I look forward to being able to write a little bit about it while keeping everyone up to date on where the Lord is leading in the next 3 months.