Yup I said it! Cloth! Well I never thought I would be the kind of mother that cloth diapered because I am always looking to do things more quickly and of course easily. The reason we chose to cloth number one is our poor little boys skin. Caleb after all is the son of a man who spent 3 years of his life deathly allergic to everything but mothers milk and McDonald’s french fries and then there is my family where everyone you see, ironically all but me, have allergies. So the 2 of us together made a sweet little boy who breaks out at the touch of diapers. Number two reason, with having our wonderful friends and family helping to support us here in seminary we wanted to be good stewards of the money that is being given to us. Thought the initial cost of diapers is a little expensive (thanks mom!) we save hugely in the long run. They say to cloth diaper is about $300 a year (which we are well under) compared to about $1200-1500. Yes I have considered laundry and and the small apartment living and we still come out on top by a long shot, I also have a few tricks up my sleeves, they’re called my hands. And of course last and certainly not least, I do feel as if I could be a better steward of the earth that God has given…ooooh I am going green but not for the reason’s the rest of the world is!

So after days of research I opted to go with a hybrid diaper that I read about in a book, Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck, the diapers are called gDiapers. They were made originally as the worlds first biodegradable insert in a cloth shell. Not cloth not disposable. The inserts you flush, compost or simply throw in the trash and they will biodegrade at the land fill. After a few years they have now come out with a cloth insert made of hemp and micro fleece and are super soft. I liked these diapers because they have the option of cloth and the flushies, cloth for home and the flushies for when we are at church. They aren’t made with any harsh plastics or chemicals so Caleb’s skin responds well to them. I also liked them because they aren’t like the all in one diapers that you have to wash the whole thing (if you’d like to see a review on pocket diapers here is the link: One size Pocket Diapers
The liner snaps out so if it gets dirty you simply wash the insert and the liner, therefore less laundry and less time if I am hand washing. I also opted to do the majority of the gCloth which is gDiapers cloth because of time and Caleb’s skin. Even though this is a little more expensive then making them by hand the quality will last for (Lord willing) our next child. Because of night time and the heavy wetting fact, I have opted to buy microfiber towels I purchased at Target for $8 a pack for my doubler instead of the expensive way to go. The microfiber towel simply goes under the gCloth for extra absorbency.

The flushies on the other hand are a little more expensive but because I figured out a cheaper way to purchase these diapers I got a bunch for free! And when you put them up against the organic diapers which we would have had to do for Caleb if we weren’t going cloth they are about the same price. But because I will only be using these when Caleb is in the nursery or at a sitters then we are saving a ton! As well as doing our part to be good stewards.

So there you have it! If you opt to go this way or if anyone even cares about this post, I have found so many really cost effective ways to make this system or any cloth system work. Or if you have questions about inserts, doublers, making your own diapers or cost just let me know, my brain is now full of diapers!

Here is our little gBum!

Caleb in his little g's