So we cheated on The Home Depot and went to Lowe’s today! They had a great workshop for the kids and again Isaac loved it! I could tell he is improving in his skills. I need to tell a story about my sweet little boy (sorry if it sounds like bragging but I am just so grateful for the heart God has given Isaac). Isaac was very anxious to get his new Lowe’s apron and he was one of the first to get one (they run out quickly) he started to build and noticed this little girl had tears in her eyes and he turned to me and said “Mom I want to give that little girl my apron, she didn’t get one.” I said okay. He walked over and tried to hand it to her and she told him she didn’t want it. I was so impressed with his caring of this little girl (even though her response was a little mean he still wasn’t discouraged) we teach our son JOY, (Jesus first, Others second, You last) again we are so thankful and blessed by the Lord to see His faithfulness to us in our children. It is easy to get discouraged sometimes but when you actually see what you are teaching your kids practically play out it is such a huge blessing! Here is our little drummer boy at work!