James and I are excited about Isaac’s desire to build and create. We know that he can take things apart and is very handy with a screwdriver…but can he build?! Yes he can! We had a great time this morning, I am so impressed with his handy work at the Home Depots Kids Workshop. It is amazing that the Lord would grace him with a talent to work with his hands just like Jesus! Another thing Isaac loves is lego and K’Nex and his building is amazing, he builds things that Jamie and I have trouble doing! What a joy it is to watch our baby grow into a young boy! Not only is he handy but Isaac has a huge heart. It was cute to watch him help the other kids, when they needed something, he gave them what he was using or helped them with the paint they needed. Everyday I am blown away at the gifts that God has given us in our children and He is blessing our desire to raise them biblically and we are seeing the fruit of that in Isaac. Here are some pics of our little man in action!! You can see the full size of the pictures by clicking on them.