Love2 years ago today, we said “I do” or was it “I will”? Anyways here we are 2 years later one flesh. Jamie truly is the greatest most passionate man I know. He will say he doesn’t deserve the title and that is just why he is so great.

When I met him almost 4 years ago the reason I fell in love with him was because of his passion for the Lord and His word. People continually told me that this was only a honeymoon period and that the passion and fire would pass. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The more I watch my husband search, study and wrestle with the scriptures the more he loves Christ and His word and the more passionate he is. And he wants more. He wants to know his Savior more and His word more. I have seen so much growth in this area in how he handles himself and conversations.

I noticed the other day that at almost every meal we have and almost every time I walk in our room he is sharing with me the things he is learning. The Lord is continually on his heart and mind. I was admiring him last night as he taught Isaac the scriptures and the excitement he has when he reads them. I also admire (along with everything I wrote above), how he searches for answers from the more wise. I admire how he leads and guides me. I admire his ability to communicate. I admire his humility and his desire to rid himself of every evil way. I admire the way he desires to live counter-cultural. I admire the way he teaches me and our boys. I admire how he is quick to repent and seek forgiveness when he is wrong. I just admire him! He challenges me daily in my walk and loves me so much to not let my sin go unchecked, if I have. I see Christ in him and I thank God that before the beginning of time he ordained that I would marry this man and He would teach me more about Himself threw Jamie. I pray that our boys would be half the man he is. The Lord has made Jamie who is today and He isn’t finished yet!

Don’t get me wrong he isn’t perfect nor is our marriage. We have had our share of conflict. And our sinfulness has reared its ugly head but threw every trial the Lord grows us, transforms us, and shows us His abundant grace.

Also, in the last year God has given us the most wonderful gift! A sweet baby boy, Caleb James. We are blessed by our boys. What a wonderful, challenging year we have had. I look forward to Lord willing many more with my precious husband.Caleb James 046family shotfamshot

I love you honey, happy anniversary!!