So I failed miserably at the attempt to do my book review. As many of you know, I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago with a preterm labor scare.  Contractions started and made it to 8 mins apart while almost 1/2 dilated and 40% effaced. The contractions where intervened with an evil drug called Terbutaline. I was sent home after the second does seemed to work after a night in Triage and close evaluation.  We are all safe and sound and the good Dr. has put me on modified bed rest until I am full term, so 4 more weeks to go! Then ordered by Ian and Sarah I must start long walks, exercise and hot baths so he will arrive before they leave, I’ll try my hardest!

We went into see the Dr. on Monday he said everything is looking good and Caleb is an estimate 4 lbs 5 oz…big boy! So I am kind of praying he doesn’t make it to 40 weeks because if he is anything like his father when he was born I will have a 10 lb baby… eeek! God has been so gracious to us in serving and providing for us through His church. Thank you to all who have made meals and taken Isaac for play-dates. We know our baby is not going to come one second earlier than His Creator has ordained and we are resting in His watchful care over us!

So which brings me to the point of the message. I have decided to wait until after the baby is born to do my review, most likley after the summer. Now that we are unable to attend breastfeeding and birthing courses that will be the majoirty of my reading plus the reading I am doing along side my devotionals. I really have wanted to commit this time to diving in to the Word more and listening to some much needed sermons! Of course most days I am still looking after Isaac so spending huge amounts of time on the computer will be hard and I am mostly answering emails from family asking how we are doing!

So forgive me for the delay, I will try my hardest to be back on track come the fall with consistent posts.