On one of our date night’s my wonderful hubby took me to see this movie that I had been wanting to see for so long! This was such a great movie. I loved it so much I told everyone about it and our friends Aaron and Diane bought it for us…what a blessing that gift was!

I wanted to share the scene that touched me most, mostly because this was me before coming to Christ.  His words made me immediately start to cry as I recalled my life before knowing my amazing Saviour (and still now as He continues to love me in spite of my daily sin). I started to think of all the times I could sense Him pulling at my heart as I was so heavily in love with my sin and kept turning my back and telling Him later. ( I have also talked about this in my testimony https://coatesincali.wordpress.com/2008/06/04/who-is-this-girl-anyway/)  Caleb’s words brought me back to the night where I knelt on the floor as Christ showed me He was the one who over and over and over showed love to me and I constantly rejected Him. Caleb in this scene is talking about his wife but quickly realizes that the way his wife had been treating him was the same way he had been treating his Maker. His father tells him “God loves you even though you don’t deserve it, even though you’ve rejected Him, spat in His face…”  okay I won’t give away the rest. Under the video is the trailer and it is available in stores in Canada.