0805_kidsworkshopI came across this on a website today. I am so excited that this company would offer such a wonderful tool to children. I am not the most handy person in the world (that was something my daddy was always good at…I do miss his handy work!) and I am excited to be able to have the basics passed down to Isaac by professionals at no charge. Lord willing if we ever make it back Canada with our own home and back yard it was my desire for my boys to be able to build a fort. Isaac will have to be the man in charge seen as he will be the only one with the knowledge of building. I hope that this is something that will benefit him greatly when he is a married man (Lord willing) to be able to take care of his home.

We can’t attend this April as I have a shower to attend, hopefully by then James will have his shift changed so they can enjoy this together…he will have to take lots of pics for me ;-).


I hope this link can be useful to other moms and dads who want to share in this joy with their boys (or girls) for free! I am so excited about our new findings!

~ Erin