nana-and-erinDuring the Christmas break I had to say goodbye to my dear Nana. After 87 years of life,  her heart couldn’t handle anymore.

I will miss her so much after living with her for 16 years we developed a very close relationship. I will always remember our talks and the love she had for Isaac and I.

I was so glad that she made it to our wedding last year above is a picture taken of us before her health really started to decline. She loved Jamie and was so happy that he was gong to be my husband she always told me how handsome he was and how much she loved him. It has been hard being in Cali and not being able to see or talk to her for such a long time.

I will always remember our trips to Toronto while she spent half the time yelling at us to stop standing on the toilet which was the highlight of our trips…we wanted to see the CN Tower. So many times she’d get frustrated with us when we would come flying out the front door and jump off the porch on to her lawn when we were headed over to Aunt Mary’s across the street for our dollar bills so we could go get a treat at Steve’s Corner Store. But the highlight of our trips to Nana’s was of course The Freeze, they had the best cheeseburgers, fries and gravy and of course because we were at Nan’s we always had Coke. After all the yelling and frustration, we loved being there and I know she loved having us.

I will miss the way she used to yell my dad’s name from down stairs and dad’s imitation of her will always bring a smile and tears to my face…ALAN! Yes Betty!

Goodbye Nan, I will love you always and miss you like crazy.


Suzy (she always called me that).

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. Acts 16-31