Well, James and I are absolutely blown away at the responses that we received from our post on our needs!!!

We wanted to give a personal thank you to our friends the Steinmeyers, who went beyond our post to help us.  We love you guys and are so grateful that the Lord would give you to us as friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.  But the thank you extends past Danny and Danielle to their families whether it has been financial help or your prayers and support we are grateful for both of your families!  We have seen the amazing faith of Danny’s brother in action and are blown away at his response to help us in away we haven’t seen before. This truly reflects his love and devotion to the Lord and we praise him for His and Brian’s heart for us!

We are also so thankful for people who haven’t even met us before who were willing to give to see the gospel spread in a dry land. Also a big thank you to our own families including my mom who took on a full time job and committed to helping us out…thanks just isn’t enough mommy, we love you!

God has been so good I can’t even tell you how He has shown the intimate way His is involved in our lives and needs and sometimes even wants. Here a few things the Lord has done for us….

We were approved for a program that covers the full cost of pre/ post natal and deliver care of our new little one. And the Dr. that delivers almost all the Seminary’s babies takes this coverage.

Our monthly bills being met. Groceries dropped off at our door.

I had noticed that Isaac’ s pants were getting a little short when we were getting ready for church one morning (this child grows like a weed) the thought went threw my mind…oh dear more pants. As James and I opened the door to go to church our neighbour was standing there and said “oh I have a bag of pants for Isaac, I’ll bring em right down for you!” So crazy!

Then the next Sunday while I was getting dressed I was admiring my own pants and thought ew these aren’t going to fit me much longer and I briefly thought of the cost of maternity clothes then we hurried off to church.  When we got there a mother that I did The Master’s Kids with came up to me and asked, “Hey do you have an maternity clothes because I have bags of them and we aren’t planning on anymore in the near future so you can keep them” Wow! And she didn’t just give me little pieces here and there, she gave me a full wardrobe!!!

Last week I was a target and was looking at car seats just for fun thinking, the only thing that I really want is a really nice car seat (you don’t want to fool around with safety) but the prices for the really nice ones we high and it still is pretty far way until the baby prayerfully comes. The next day my doorbell rings and there is my beautiful cousin Sarah at the door holding this really nice (and expensive) Graceo deluxe car seat that someone had just given her. “Hey do you have a car seat yet?” I looked down at my non existent belly and replied puzzled no..double wow!

Just a fun little thing, Isaac and I really love playing games but I was getting a little weary of Monopoly and go fish and thought hey Battleship would be a fun little game for us. That Wednesday I went to Sem Wives and we have a table there where you can give away things you don’t use anymore we call it the Magic Table and there was sitting right on the top the Battleship game!  I smiled almost in disbelif, who would still have a Battleship game from the 1980’s in perfect condition to give away?! Just another way God continues to show us how intimately involved in our lives He is!

There are so many more of these little blessing that happen God is just showing us how He is our provider and when we get anxious we have no reason to.  God saved us from eternal punishment do we honestly think He wouldn’t take care of our needs? Through all of this we really have learned (Lord willing one day when we have our own church) the importance of supporting men that raise up for leadership and supporting them and their families in their journey to seminary. As well as the importance or living frugally to give to those who work so hard in other countries to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.