Well it has been a while since I have managed to get to this, so I apologize to everyone who has been waiting 😦  Seminary is crazy!!!  We have had such an amazing first year.  I don’t think I could even explain on a little page how amazing and faithful our Lord has been in every single detail of our lives!  Not that marks matter but it just shows how gracious our God is in our decision to come here, being newly married and moving to a new country with Isaac and so far from our family, Jamie still managed to walk away with nothing less than an A this year!!

A little bit about what has been going on….

So besides the fact that we have been so busy over the last 10 months, I am amazed I remembered my name, God still has had His amazing hand in developing the relationship between Jamie and Isaac.  I am blown away everyday that the Lord would bring such a great man into our lives and someone who’s heart is set on raising Isaac for the glory of the Lord. 

We still have had time to get to know a lot of people out here and it is so great to see how highly exalted our God and His word is. We have been challenged, encouraged, edified, built up, loved, served, prayed for, and the best thing of all is being able to serve in the same way to our brothers and sisters whom we have come to love in away we never imagined, it is the biggest blessing to see the body work for the glory of God!

In between studying, school, work, bible study, reading, The Master’s Kids, Every Women’ s Grace, Cubbies, Sem Wives, homeschooling, phew I know I missed something, we have managed to get out hiking, gone to the beach, enjoyed being hosted as well as hosting and a little Wii action but one of the highlights this year for sure has been the arrival of my little cuz Karis…I’m in love!!

Also our little man graduated from Preschool-The Master’s Kids, we sure are going to miss the kids and mom’s this summer.

Well, except for the other area’s I’m gonna work in the blog, there is just an overview (not really scratching the surface either) about what has been going on in Cali!