After an exhausting 2 months of planning our wedding we are finally married!!  As most of you know everything after that is pretty much a blur!  4 days before orientation started the Lord called us to California to attend The Master’s Seminary for at least 3 years! James is studing his Masters in Divinity.  We packed 2 suit cases each and off we flew…  We have been here just over 2 months now and oooohhhh how the Lord has blessed us.  Not only with the amazing apartment (fully furnished might I add)  but with the amazing fellowship He has surrounded us with.  We have had the opportunity to be reconnected with Ian and Sarah (whom we love so much) which has made our move so much smoother and so many other amazing seminary families as well as some friends not in Seminary but connected to Grace.  I thought that I would never call California my home (trust me the city it self is nothing to write home about) we are amazed at the community we have here in meeting such amazing people who’s love is for the Lord and devotion is to Him, His Word and His Church!  We are excited to see how the Lord is moving in so many lives!  We have so much to learn here!!!  Isaac is having a blast and is enjoying his new friends and homeschool (who would have thought?)  He is learning and growing as much as we are here!  We will keep you posted with the last work God is doing in our lives!!  See you in December!!!!